About Me


I love creativity and I love digital. My experience have made me understand the critical importance of connecting all points of your users journey, starting with UX and making things easy - then to design, never underestimate the persuasive power of emotional attachment - next is optimisation, to ensure you digital assets are preforming and delivering ROI - then its back to the data to analyse your users and their personas, to identify opportunities and improvements


I have worked design and marketing agencies in London, Leeds and New York as well as with global corporations in corporate marketing and product management. This diverse experience has given me a broad understanding of process and deadline management blended with client service expertise and most importantly creative freedom and an understanding of what works where

Kieran Bell

Digital Creative

I love my babies, design and the beach. In that order. Would be great to connect with you, so you can contact me or check me out on social, using the links below.

This ridiculous photo of me is meant as a joke, I despise photos of me - am much better behind the lens. And yes, that really is HTML code shopped onto my sunnies